WebQuest- Panda Bears

This week, we were each designed to make a WebQuest on a specific topic. My topic was Panda Bears. I chose this topic because it interests me and I’m not very knowledgable about it, so I was intrigued to learn more about them. Using the Questgarden website was new for me, so it was something new I could use for technology in my future classroom. My classmates all showed their WebQuests in class and educated each of us on their topic. It was interesting the way everyone made their Webquest page different and it was nice to see all the different interactive worksheets incorporated with them.

Science Activity

Today, we all got to share different science activities with our classmates. My activity was describing gravity. I had different objects and dropped them from the same level so we can make a prediction on which will fall first. One topic that really caught my interest was illusions. There were different interactive illusions that they had everyone look at and discuss what they saw. They then tallied everyones results and shared with the class what was really seen in the illusions.